Imam Behind Embattled 'Ground Zero' Islamic Center Speaks Out

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"We are proceeding with the community center, Cordoba House," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf announced in an op-ed in today's New York Times, referring to the proposed Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan that critics deride as the "ground zero mosque." On the eve of the ninth anniversary of 9/11, Rauf acknowledged the controversy that has polarized Americans and drawn the attention of Muslims all over the world. Rauf says he is "sensitive to the feelings of the families of victims of 9/11," but adds that the Cordoba House will be "a center for unification and healing."

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catmanfla from Babylon

The first section of the first amendment of the US Constitution absolutely denies any; law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free expression thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech..."
Sadly, yet another instance of exaggerated vulnerability against an enemy among us, in times of hyper-nationalism. Our 2nd president (John Adam's) "Alienation & Sedition Laws" is but the beginning of a long history of such violations, especially around times of war. The internment of Japanese citizens and their parents (denied citizenship) already "otherized" people, brought upon and the admitted travesty brought upon Japanese Americans, in isolated concentration camps. 'When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?'

Oct. 08 2010 11:21 AM
Wassim Zhani from Terre Haute, Indiana

Hy, i would just guys explain why the reason of building that mosque became so important.
first that mosque have been posted by New York time and no one talks about it. so policians talk about it today and make it national echus by highlighteen it in every kind of media to convince democrate in the caming midterm elections
so we can't let them use us and take over that situation.
seconde, if we don't build that mosque now, we will be considered as seconde class citizen, that mean simply the right of building place of worship is right just for kind of specific people, it's not right of other minority who been engaged in United state society.
third, if we don't buil that mosque, many other concidences will came to confronte those immigrants who became one part of that society, one of the big example, here today, Alkiss jouns has been willing to burn the coran. that will lead to major concequences than what we are now, and it will let us heat each other more and more.
guys, i love being american and i love americans, don't let politician play with us.
those are just going after there own interest. all what they are intersted on is money. they don't care about any kind of religion, me and you, we want leave toguether as brothers. i want you to teach me and teach you how we can complish each other how we can be brothers, at what time we don't care what religion we are, but we can take care of how we are.
i wish the idea of building that mosque never happend.

Sep. 09 2010 07:54 PM
John from Orlando, FL

If Rauf is proceeding with his victory mosque, I will proceed in putting up a yard sign in my front lawn that reads "DOGS AND MUSLIMS KEEP OFF GRASS" Thanks Rauf for setting the example in tolerance and sensitivity.

Sep. 08 2010 11:19 AM

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