David Remnick on Presidential Popularity and Sophomore Slumps

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

US President Barack Obama walks to the Oval Office after returning to the White House in Washington on September 6, 2010 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

It wasn’t that long ago that presidential candidate Barack Obama could command rapt crowds chanting his campaign motto of hope, change and rejuvenation for a nation seemingly in dire straits. But these days, President Obama has a harder time commanding that kind of grassroots support.

Yesterday’s Rasmussen Reports daily President Tracking Poll shows that only about twenty seven percent of the nation’s voters “strongly approve” of the way Obama is performing his presidential duties while upwards to forty five percent “strongly disapprove.”

But is his waning popularity due to bad luck, PR mismanagement... or something that affects most presidents? Looking at history, many presidents faced a drop in popularity by their second year in office. To discuss the ups and downs of presidential popularity we speak with David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker and author of “The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama.”


David Remnick

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Hey David “missing the point” Remnick. Obama inherited this mess from the last President remember? No one, I mean NO ONE can fix a mess like this in 4 years. Not even the republicans (as much as they think they can) this is a situation where everyone needs to be tolerant and let the President do his job. It’s so easy to criticize and point out the obvious, but I don’t see anyone else making this easier for him. Everyone is on Obama’s case and he is handling it like a real pro. Let’s look at all the good things he has done. Let concentrate on the good instead of dwelling on the bad all the time. It’s always doom and gloom with you guys.

Sep. 08 2010 03:18 PM
josh from Brooklyn

The extent to which the Republicans will sweep the elections is largely the result of the President's refusal to acccept the fact that when he extended his hand across the Aisle, they slapped his face Until recently, he has refused to answer Republican attacks, letting the perception grow that the attacks of the right wing must be true. Had he gone on the attack earlier, he would not be in this mess. He has only himself and his political advisers to blame. As a Democrat, I am ready to consider another candidate for President in 2012 - one who knows how to fight back.

Sep. 08 2010 09:05 AM

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