Taliban Vows to Disrupt Pakistan Relief Effort

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the latest suicide attack, whcih killed 19 people. Today the group threatened to continue to target Pakistani security forces with suicide attacks. This comes at a time when Pakistan is still struggling to recover from massive flooding, which has killed more than 1500 people and destroyed infrastructure and agriculture. Issam Ahmed, reporter for the Christian Science Monitor is in South Punjab, one of the regions that has been hit worst by the flood. He says that the government is taking the Taliban's theat very seriously and describes the mood of the country. "When the state can't protect its own people, you have that ongoing fear that they could strike at any time," he says.

Meanwhile, as part of the international flood relief effort, Pakistan is asking for a cancellation of debt along with continued aid. Issam Ahmed, says that although aid is still necessary, the world community has not ignored Pakistan so far.


Issam Ahmed

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