Supreme Court Fashions

Legally, Sotomayor could wear any color robe she wanted. But tradition says, nice plain black.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One of the many issues the new Supreme Court Justice will have to address is what to wear. A lace jabot like Sandra Day O'Connor? Something more... modern? The Takeaway talks to Susan Scafidi, a law professor at Fordham Law School who writes the blog Counterfeit Chic. ...(And click here for a photo gallery of judicial fashions)

For more on judges' uniforms from around the world, J.J. McCullough has assembled a long list and photo gallery.
(Pictured below left: America's first Chief Justice, John Jay, wearing the red and black robes derived from British judges' customary uniform; and below right, a modern-era British high court judge.

America's first Chief Justice,
John Jay in 1794  A modern-era British high court judge


Susan Scafidi

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