The Department of Justice vs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Friday, September 03, 2010

The Justice Department announced Thursday that it has filed a lawsuit against Arizona Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Maricopa County for failing to turn over documents in an investigation into alleged discrimination, unconstitutional searches and seizures, and jail policies that discriminate against people with limited English skills. In their complaint, the government agency says the sheriff's office has failed to turn over documents relating to the case and has refused to cooperate. It is the first time in decades a lawman has refused to cooperate in one of the agency's probes. Sheriff Arpaio says the government is targeting him - and Arizona.

We speak to Valeria Fernandez, journalist for "Feet in 2 Worlds", a project from the New School that brings the stories of immigrant communities to public radio, in Phoenix.


Valeria Fernandez

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Kateri A. Jochum

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Jackie from milwuakee

Sheriff Joes tent city is a collection of Dui and prosititutes , child support issues and taxe issues. No harden crimnals in there not one even sheriff joes site says so. So why do they need k-9 dogs, wire electric fences, chain gangs, etc. Give me a break. the feds have lots of folks like that in there prison camps and they have no fences, few guard, no dogs and dissent living conditions and no have ever escape from a prison camp to date. So all your precious sheriff joe is doing is spending your tax money on things that are not needed and torturing people who made minor non violent mistakes in life cause he can and the people of arizona are clearly dellusion thinking this can never happen to them all it takes in one drink to many or one speeding ticket gone bad and in you go. Sheriff joe is getting richer the taxpayers are getting poorer . the non-voilent crimnals are turning voilent and your state is a joke. LOL

Nov. 06 2010 11:10 AM
charles from 34231

instead of trying to sue him.they should appreciate his help.but instead eric holder[the biggest a-hole who ever worked in govt] has to take the cheap shot.thats o.k.the writings on the wall .in 2 or 3 years every state in the country will have the the same exact law.----what will they do?sue every state in the union?really friggen grow up doj.

Sep. 03 2010 05:31 PM

The real American public. You know the ones with callous . The ones who feet and back hurt because they are on them all day. You know "Dirtiest Job" people. The one's how pay the majority of Taxes. We may not be Book Smart. No degrees from Harvard and all. Have to use spell check some. But let me tell you this. We are very street smart, life smart. We are smart enough to know that the Myth and veil that Illegals are not a drain on this economy is not true. We sit at home and watch as the Media from ABC to MSNBC show clips of yet another Illegal climbing a fence. Another group crossing the Border. You know what we see. A big $$$$ above their head. More taxes being drained
We want something done. No talk do. Why because it"s how we work and live. DO. Here's Sheriff Arphio doing. Close to 70% see him DOING.
What happens Obama=Holder= DOJ doing anything they can to shut down exactly what WE want done.
I guess the tell of what I am saying will be in November when we "Dirtiest Job" people go vote

Sep. 03 2010 05:06 PM

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