Listeners Respond: Getting a New Job...With a Serious Pay Cut

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yesterday we spoke about the growth in low-wage and low-skilled jobs in the U.S.  Listeners weighed in, sharing their own experiences with taking jobs for which they're either overqualified or underpaid...or both.  

John from New England wrote in to give us this response:

At the present moment I am contemplating a job offer of $37k after negotiating up from $30k. My previous job was $50k. I am grateful for the offer but feel like (at this stage of my career) I should be considering a higher salary rather than a lower one.

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Caroline from New York, NY

You keep saying "single college educated women aged 22-30 are now earning more than their male counterparts." I believe the statistic compares singles 22-30 regardless of education level, and your statement as it is inaccurate. It should be "single women aged 22-30 make more than single men the same age." Your expert mentions that hjigher rates of college education are the major cause of this difference. That would not be the case if the comparison were between two college-educated groups.

This news, better presented, came out when these statistics were first announced. Please pay just a little bit of attention. You are sacrificing accuracy, and a true portrait of the gender imbalance and gross unfairness in pay and advancement, in the interest of a cute gender-wars story more suitable to a Meg Ryan movie.

And it is a silly non-question to ask a well-known male journalist with decades more experience if he would be threatened if his younger, far less well-known female co-anchor made more money, as this is a totally fantastic scenario given their different career stages. It only serves to muddle the story further.

Sep. 02 2010 09:37 AM

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