Stormy Weather in the Forecast for Unemployment

Thursday, August 06, 2009

As we wait for the latest unemployment numbers to be released tomorrow, Peter Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland's business school, joins us with his forecast. We also talk to Jozen Cummings, who was an articles editor at the now-closed Vibe Magazine, about why he won't look for work in a different field, despite the challenge of working in a diminishing sector of the economy. We also speak with Wayne Cooper, a recently laid off pre-press printing technician from Clearwater, Florida, about the challenge of figuring out your next step.

Those numbers simply have to come down or Barack Obama's in a lot of trouble not just on restoring recovery but getting things like his health care policy through. It's becoming increasingly apparent that he's been focusing on the wrong ball --dividing up the pie instead of worrying about the fact that the pie is disappearing completely!
—Prof. Peter Morici on the unemployment numbers impact on economic recovery


Wayne Cooper, Jozen Cummings and Peter Morici

Hosted by:

Amy Holmes

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