The Great Bedbug Scourge of 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bedbugs, once thought all but eradicated, have become resurgent all across America. This summer, we've heard stories about these pests spreading all over the country — from the Empire State Building to rural towns. But why does the problem continue to get worse? Recently, a major pest-control company releaseed a top-10 list of the most infested cities in America. However, even with the number of reported infestations continuing to climb, all hope is not lost.

Richard Cooper, Vice President of BedBug Central, explains why few of us have taken the necessary precautions to prevent an infestation, and what we can do to prevent their spread.


Richard Cooper

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Blakeney Schick

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Charles Fowler

Bed Bugs have Positve Phototropism, does that means a lure into the light from the darkness could be devised or is there one already? Who knew?

Jul. 12 2012 09:57 PM
Ben Guspan from Brooklyn NY

I own a pest control co. A.S.A.P. Pest Control. We are lic,reg ins. We are bed bug specialest. I am owner and technician. I do all the bed bug work. We offer 2 week follow up visit and a 90 day guarantee. Very resonable prices. Call any time 347-886-6277. We service the entire tri state area.

Oct. 05 2010 04:33 PM
BED BUG DOG from Tennessee

You need to get a Bed Bug Inspection Dog to get rid of them. They can detect one single bug. In Tennessee there is a company with one.
; 21st Century Termite & Pest 1-877-GOT BUGZ

Sep. 14 2010 01:48 AM
Bed bug victim

I got bed bugs from my previous fellow tenant. This stupid guy brought a used sofa into his room and now the entire apartment is full of bed bugs.

Landlord didn’t help much either. When I moved out, she didn’t even pay back my deposit. Was it my fault to bringing these bed bugs? No, and she knew that.

She agreed with that too.

It was a terrible experience.

Here is my advice when you have bed bugs:

Don’t throw away your mattress immediately; otherwise someone else can get bed bugs.

1. Buy 3 cans of bed bug spray (you really need that)
2. Spray your mattress
3. Seal your mattress with thick plastic mattress cover
(must NOT have any holes, otherwise they can get in and bit you again)
4. Find the bed bugs in your bed frame and kill them
5. Spray your bed frame every day for at least 1 week

6. Wash your bed sheets and blankets with HOT water
7. Wash all your clothes with HOT water
8. Dry your clothes in heater (heat can kill bed bugs)
9. After cleaning, put your cloths in a plastic bag with air zip
10. Put your bags of cloths in the middle of your house

11. These are just the basic steps, bed bugs can still hide in the holes and cracks of your wall.

There is more to do than this …

Remember to organize your furniture and seal everything with plastic bags. Bed bugs don’t just hide into your bed, they are everywhere in your house.

Aug. 31 2010 02:43 AM
uli bobano from metro NYC

this segment was about doing a bed bug dance, is that right? there was no information about how to detect, eradicate or survive a bed bug infestation. seems the take away is mostly about being cute and that definitely inspires one to switch over to ATC or even 1010 WINS!! fortunately fellow posters are able to offer some useful information about this growing problem..

Aug. 27 2010 11:00 PM
Harry Case from North Highlands, CA

By the early 1950’s bed bugs were nearly eliminated from the North American continent as a result of the widespread use of DDT. Their numbers were so decimated that generations raised after that time thought they were a myth, perpetuated in a nursery rhyme. Unfortunately, bed bugs are very real. The banning of DDT and the marked increase in international travel, have rapidly given us a resurgence of these nasty pests. Their increase started slowly at first, sort of like the front side of a bell curve, but then accelerated and intensified. We now appear to be on the steep and rapidly rising back side of the curve, with no idea of when the population will peak or when the curve will flatten out. The number and variety of places they now infest is quite astonishing! Read the full post here:

Aug. 27 2010 01:34 PM
pam glaser from NYC

Listeners may like to know that the NYC Housing department/HPD has a free, detailed on-line course on identifying and managing a bed bug infestation. Anyone can take the class at their convenience, so long as they have an internet connection at home, or they can go to their closest branch library and use a computer there.

All you need to do is complete a brief registration and then choose the Bedbug course.

To begin the registration process, click on the following link, and then click “REGISTER NOW”:

HPD also teaches in person Bed Bug identification and manafement classes. Anyone can call 212 863 8830 with any questions.

Thank you.

Aug. 27 2010 10:06 AM

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