The End: What We Would Be Better Off Without

Friday, August 27, 2010

All week long, in partnership with our friends at Scientific American, we’ve been talking about "the end" on The Takeaway. The end of the world, the end of our own lives, or, today, the end of things that we could do without.

From Daylight-Saving time to the Space Shuttle, landfills to human drivers, we talk to Scientific American editor Michael Moyer about an eclectic mix of things that the world — and humans — might be better off without.

What do you think? What are some of the things we'd be better off without?


Michael Moyer

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Michael D. from Windsor, Colorado

The end has already come for social conventions like courtesy, honor and respect. This is a worldwide phenonmenon that perpetrates rudeness and amorality. So what I would like to see is an end to civilization as we currently know it.

Aug. 27 2010 07:59 PM
A Wash

The end of Republicans

Aug. 27 2010 12:28 PM

We'd be better off without right wing paranoia, fear and loathing. Also, high fructose corn syrup.

Aug. 27 2010 08:56 AM
Ed from Larchmont

We'd be better off without legalized abortion: for all kinds of reasons.

Aug. 27 2010 08:13 AM
louis schneider from asbury park, NJ

hatred like the hatred in DC this weekend

Aug. 26 2010 04:30 PM

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