The Politics of Selling Obama's Health Care Plan

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

President Obama wants Congress to agree to at least the outlines of a health care plan before the August recess. But Republicans hope to delay action until the Fall, figuring public opposition to Obama's plan will increase. We get an update on the health care debate with Takeaway Correspondent Todd Zwillich. Also joining the discussion is Representative Bart Stupak from Michigan’s First District.

"Today is the day they're going to twist arms to get people like me and the blue dogs to just go along with the program. And quite frankly, I just don't think it's going to happen."
—Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan on the health care reform bill


Congressman Bart Stupak and Todd Zwillich

Hosted by:

Farai Chideya and Lynn Sherr

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The question that I don't hear even NPR ask is: How much over $1T are we going to spend under the current "insurance" scheme. The GOP hospital/ER costs are far above the proposed universal single payer Medicare/Medicaid for All option.

We have to do things that are done in other countries. Extensive pre- & post-natal care for all to reduce preemie births, proper nutrition for Mother & child from birth to 18. Constant WELL care so that people are given repeated encouragement to get proper nutrition + Farm Bill Revisions to support fruits & veggies / not corn syrup!

Please check w/your BBC partners & get the name of the Philly health clinic featured last month or this on a FRI Business Daily/Weekly. That clinic includes exercise, good nutrition, enough nutrition to survive their chronic Rxs. + vitamin, supplement, massage, etc. to support the patient & maintain the best possible state of ˙health.

Jul. 21 2009 08:53 AM

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