Adam! Kris! Squeeee! It's the American Idol Finale.

A red state-blue state battle -- or maybe just rocker vs accoustic

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam or Kris? Adam or Kris? That was the question dividing Americans as they chose their American Idol. Adam Lambert, or Glambert as he is known in among fans, is a black nail-polished, guyliner-wearing rocker with a much-rumored-about sexual orientation. His competition? Kris Allen, a sweet crooner from a small town in Arkansas. He's married and an evangelical Christian who plays his own instruments. It's a cultural death match playing out on millions of television sets. Helping us pick sides is Angel Cohn, the senior editor of Television Without Pity.

See the stiff competition for yourself. Here's one of Kris Allen's performances:

And here's Adam Lambert:


Angel Cohn

Hosted by:

Andrea Bernstein


Ailsa Chang

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