Chilean Miners Face Long Wait for Rescue

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chilean workers start a drilling machine outside the San Esteban gold and copper mine, near the city of Copiapo, in the arid Atacama desert, 800 kilometers (480 miles) north of Santiago, on August 17, (Ariel Marnkovic/Getty)

33 miners remain trapped more than 2,000 feet below ground at the San Jose copper and gold mine in Copiapo, Chile. 

The miners have survived nearly three weeks on limited supplies; rescue efforts are underway to extricate them, but authorities say the process could take three to four months. The miners have reportedly not yet been informed of how long rescue attempts will take. While the miners have some access to other chambers and shafts, the primary rescue space is roughly the size of a one-room apartment. A single six-inch-wide borehole has been drilled into the mine to provide the miners with basic food and health supplies.

Eva Salinas, the editor of The Santiago Times, says, "The miners spend half of their lives underground, but this is going to be something quite different."  


Eva Salinas

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