Spike in civilian casualties as Israel launches ground offensive

Monday, January 05, 2009

A health official in Gaza says civilian casualties have spiked since the Israeli ground campaign began. The official says at least 70 civilians have been killed in Gaza since Saturday. The latest reports say Israeli troops are dug in outside Gaza City. Only a few reporters are operating inside of Gaza and two of them join The Takeaway to give us the on-the-ground view of the troubles in Gaza. Rushdi AbuAlouf works for the BBC in Gaza and Taghreed el-Khodary is reporting for the New York Times.

To find out more about the increase in civilian injuries, read Taghreed el-Khodary's article in today's New York Times.

"You can hear people who lost their loved ones cursing Hamas for the first time."
— The New York Times' Taghreed el-Khodary on the rise in civilian casualties in Gaza


Rushdi Abu-Alouf and Taghreed El-Khodary

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Andrew Bowers

I apologize for being off topic with my post. I was attempting to make a general post but was confused by the site layout.

Jan. 06 2009 07:33 AM
Andrew Bowers

I am all for experiments and alternative approaches in media but unfortunately, The TakeAway needs to GO AWAY. After an hour of Morning Edition I'm greeted with smarmy, wiseacre and uninteresting commentary/reporting that is both unnecessary and intellectually insulting. In an attempt to be conversational and engaging the show only manages to be unlistenable. With all of the morning talk shows available on television, this radio version does nothing to raise the bar but only lowers it due to the "personality" format and it's failure to inform anymore than a standard news format. This is a failed experiment and it's grant should be terminated as a waste of the taxpayers money.

Jan. 06 2009 06:30 AM

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