BP Claimants Must Waive Right to Sue

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of the BP Oil Spill Victim Compensation Fund, testifies on July 22, 2010, during a hearing before several Senate committees on financial recovery for the Gulf of Mexico (Alex Wong/Getty)

Kenneth Feinberg officially took over the $20 billion fund allocated for those affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil gusher. BP, the company responsible for the crisis, has already paid $368 million to individuals and businesses who suffered financial losses. But thousands of claims are still left unresolved and will fall now on Feinberg's desk. 

According to internal legal documents acquired by The New York Times, those seeking compensation will likely have to waive their right to sue not only BP, but also all the other major defendants involved in the spill. We talk with Ian Urbina, national correspondent for The New York Times, who has the exclusive story.


Ian Urbina

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