Olympian Cullen Jones on Swimming and Drowning

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swimming is one way to beat the heat – but it can be dangerous for those who don't have a basic knowledge of how to handle themselves in the water. Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones knows this all too well: When he was five years old he almost drowned at an amusement park. This summer the gold medalist has been traveling around the country with the USA Swimming Foundation in a six-city tour called "Make a Splash with Cullen Jones." At each stop Jones meets with community leaders and teaches basic water safety to parents and children.

He speaks with us about his childhood near-death experience and the importance of learning how to swim. 


Cullen Jones

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Amanda Magnus

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Another source for swimming lessons is the YMCA. Swimming is a great way to learn about becoming and staying active, and it's a life skill that can be carried with you throughout your life. And what a confidence builder!

Almost all Ys offer regular swim lessons, the fees for which can be subsidized through the financial assistance program for those who can't afford them. In addition, many Ys have free "learn to swim" weeks that sound similar to what Cullen Jones is doing. By the way, did you know that group swim lessons were developed at the Detroit Y about 100 years ago?

Yes, I do work for a Y and my kids both learned to swim at the Y.


Aug. 18 2010 09:20 AM

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