Summer Reading: Mona Simpson's 'My Hollywood'

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're continuing our summer reading series with a look at modern parenthood and childcare. Mona Simpson's new book, "My Hollywood," looks at the relationship between modern parents and the nannies they hire to take care of their kids. 

Simpson moved to California as she was launching her career and starting a family. She gained valuable knowledge from the nannies that gathered at "mommy parks" while she was trying to adjust to her new role as mother. The book follows the lives of two women. One is Claire, a new mother trying to find a way to balance three things: her career, a new baby and a Filipina nanny named Lola. The other is Lola herself, who has her own family to take care of back in the Philippines. In her own way, Lola balances the same issues of family and work that Claire does, only thousands of miles away from her own children.

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Jen Poyant

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