Imagining a 'World Without Islam'

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The recent debate over whether an Islamic cultural center should be allowed to be built near Ground Zero has only gotten hotter since President Obama weighed in last Friday. "As a citizen, and as president," Obama said, "I believe that Muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. And that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America. And our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable." Stoked by arguments over this one building, the national discussion about Islam's role in American society has dramatically heated up. That got us thinking about Graham Fuller's new book, "A World Without Islam."

Fuller imagines the geopolitical balance of the world if the religion of Islam never existed. He says that the exercise is not meant to imagine the world without the cultural contributions that Islam has made, but instead to analyze its relationship to East-West power struggles over many centuries. He says the world probably would not be all that different today and that the same geo-political power struggles would have taken place, just under the banner of politics, not religion.


Graham Fuller

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I want to tell Graham about something that's unknown for him.
What do you know about Islam? If you wrote this book, you wouldn't know anything definitely. You wrote this book, to be star and famous. If anyone wanted to judge about Islam, he would have a knowledge and experience about it, and if you had it, you wouldn't write something like this. Any Muslim can't say about Christianity is terrorism religion when a few of them kill people in many countries and squatting their countries, I mustn't believe all Christian people like them and their religion supports them, because their religion is uppermost of supporting that. On the other hand, a few Islam people were taught Islam in wrong way, and after that, there are hidden hands that like to put all terrorism things in Islam, to wrench its reputation.
It's better to be: A world with new concept about Islam.

Dec. 19 2010 05:46 PM
Paul I. Adujie from New York, United States

How about imagining the world without ALL religious fanatics? Religious fanaticism is the cause of all the troubles in the world and by this, I am referring to ALL religions and the extremists within them!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg deserve our Thunderous Applause!

And so do all others, including Fareed Zakaria, who have courageously defended the rights of fellow New Yorkers, who happens to be adherents of the Islamic faith.

I am a Catholic, but, I will defend to the death, the rights of Jews, Hindus, Hare Khristina, and of course, Muslims to build a house of worship and a cultural center...

I am heterosexual, but, I will defend to the death, the rights of gays and lesbians to exercise their sexual preferences.

I do not smoke, but, I will defend to the death, the rights of smokers to puff their cigarettes...

This is supposed to be the American WAY!

Islamophobia in America, Islam And Muslims Under Siege

Muslims & Islam; Under Siege, Pressures In America, Still!

Aug. 25 2010 10:59 AM
Joe from UK

Yeah, how about we imagine worlds where all kinds of historical events didn't happen: we didn't spend billions to bring back a few rocks from the moon, early US presidents were not freemasons, the British didn't have a rape-and-pillage policy of colonialisation and so on and so forth.

What is that supposed to achieve, exactly?

Aug. 17 2010 07:05 AM

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