Sesame Street: 40 Years Old and Still Counting

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Cookie Monster now eats vegetables, and various faces have come and gone, but  the core values and missions of Sesame Street aren't much different from when the show was first broadcast four decades ago. We look back at the show’s influence with original cast member Bob McGrath, who is still with the show today. We also look at the future of children's television in America with TV blogger Delaina Dixon.


Delaina Dixon and Bob McGrath


Kate McGough

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Anne Marie Dolan

Both of my sons loved Sesame Street. It was on twice a day on our local PBS station, and we never missed it. As soon as the theme song would play they would run to the TV and do a "happy dance". I remember one day in particular. My mother had come to visit us and she had left the kitchen where we were talking. She had been gone a while and I went to see where she was. I found her in front of the TV dancing with my younger son to the Sesame Street theme. They were both doing the happy dance. My mother passed away that evening. Even though 24 years have passed, whenever I hear the Sesame Street theme I can see my mother and son dancing in the living room. It is one of my last, and happiest memories of my mother with her grandson.

Nov. 10 2009 11:12 AM

I heard about Sesame Street 40th birthday.
Here is my story.I am in my mid-fourties now I still remember all the shows and how it made my life easier learning english language. I am from Eritrea, East Africa. when I was growing up (earlier years), there was an American military base/tv station in Asmara.I used to wach the show since we all children allowed to watch was Sesame Street. In my first grade I knew how to read and write in English fast. Eventhough I went to an excellent private school,I personally attributes all my successes to your shows.
Now my son is Eight and he learned all his ABCs when 20 months old. As his favourite show was the same as mine, I still believe he learned his alphabets from your shows.

Happy Birthday to you,and keep up the good work. I believe children understand and handle better to the awareness of the issues and challanges you bring about more than we adults do.

Nov. 10 2009 11:05 AM
Paula Beckenstein

My son and daughter watched Sesame Street as children and loved it, as I did. My oldest grandson watched it and learned every letter when he was two years old.My next grandson adored it and also watched and learned.My third grandson could not be separated from Elmo, as the first two as well.I still love the duckie song and especially the song"Put down the Duckie" which is on one of my DVD's and features, Jeremy Irons, Danny DeVito and other popular performers. Bob, Maria, Gordon and the rest of the cast are just wonderful. It remains the best children's program ever! Thank you so much!

Nov. 10 2009 10:27 AM

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