On Family, Art and Happiness

Friday, August 13, 2010 - 10:37 AM

Rosanne Cash gave me a wonderful thought to carry with me next week on vacation. Her really wonderful book about some of her most difficult moments is titled “Compose.” In that book she claims that the making of art from tragedy and misfortune involves being lucky. If true, then Rosanne Cash has found much good luck in the midst of some bad moments.

On our show this morning though she took it to another level by wondering how great it would be to make art from happy moments. “What a lovely gig that would be,” I thought. Then Rosanne nailed it by reminding us of impressionist Renoir’s joyful life and brilliant art. That got me thinking about painter Claude Monet’s idyllic life at Giverny and the fabulous art that came from that beautiful place of gardens.

That took me back to a visit to France I took as a break from covering the Kosovo War in 1999. I met my wife and mother and toddler twins in Paris and we visited Giverny and the feelings of joy from that glorious trip rushed back. It was a reminder that no matter how much of a cliché it is to make art from one’s tragedy and how much creativity can provide closure in times of pain maybe its even more important to mobilize creativity to celebrate joy and happiness.

Something great to think about while playing music with my kids around the campfire next week.


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