'Packing for Mars' with Mary Roach

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mary Roach was determined to write the definitive 'sex in space chapter' in the history of space journalism. And although she gets into pondering what the pitfalls of sex in zero gravity might entail, her book "Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void" also broaches issues that most earthbound humans have never considered. 

For example, try to imagine the tricky process of taking a shower when you're used to water droplets falling in an orderly cascade from a faucet above your head. What happens when that water condenses into a big blob of liquid, unwilling to fall anywhere? And what other bodily processes involving falling water might prove difficult in space?  Roach explains the mechanics and preparation behind all sorts of space activities in her new book.

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Samantha Fields and Jen Poyant

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childsplay from Florida

Science and space travel enthusiasts living in the NYC area or coming soon to the area with their kids might want to take a look at the Facing Mars exhibit at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City which will, like the book mentioned here, give you some great insight into a trip to Mars.

If you could leave your family, friends, and familiar surroundings behind to risk your life on a three-year, round-trip voyage to Mars, would you go? In the new Facing Mars exhibition on view at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey until September 6, you'll have the chance to answer this question twice: once as you enter the exhibition and again as you exit with all the facts.

Facing Mars isn't just about visiting another planet - it's about determining whether we have the ingenuity to solve the challenges of deep space travel. Guests can experiment with 28 outstanding hands-on and full-body experiences.

For more information, click (or cut and paste) here:

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