Reaping the health benefits of gratitude with the science of thankfulness

Thursday, November 27, 2008

There may be measurable, scientific benefits to the American tradition of giving thanks. Jeffrey Froh, Assistant Psychology Professor at Hofstra University, talks with us about the measurable physical benefits of being grateful.
"Students who counted blessings were less likely to report headaches, stomach aches, pains in the body."
—Jeffrey Froh, on the positive effects of counting your blessings


Jeffrey Froh

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Julia McEvoy

I was listening as I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Still thinking about gratitude and your study. I was grateful for the info. I shared your info with all my guests. And I am taking it seriously for myself.

(I have encouraged my staff - counselors in schools - to appreciate (especially themselves and their lives) as they do their work. Now I feel encouraged to continue with such advise.
Thanks for your work and words. Grateful, Julia

Nov. 28 2008 11:58 AM

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