For US, a Diplomatic Opportunity in Sending Pakistan Flood Relief

Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Pakistani flood survivor inspects an overturned car in Charsadda on August 4, 2010. Devastating floods have swept away farmland and devastated livestock in Pakistan's northwest. (FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty)

Pakistan's worst flooding in 80 years has killed hundreds and displaced what's estimated to be more than a million people. The United States has pledged $10 million in relief, in addition to providing helicopters and other critical supplies to Pakistan. But is this enough relief to matter?

Diplomatic observers say this could be a critical moment for the U.S. to provide non-military assistance and demonstrate solidarity with Pakistan. Pakistanis had already experienced a wave of violence in Karachi earlier this week, with the assassination of a senior politician and a suicide-bomber attack in Peshawar on Wednesday.

The credibility of the Pakistani government is on the line as the country's president, Asif Ali Zardari, is traveling in the U.K. and has not returned to his country.

We talk with Christian Science Monitor reporter, Issam Ahmed, on the ground in Lahore, Pakistan, and Michelle Fanzo, Project Leader for the World Policy Institute, who weigh in on the effort by the United States to aid in the floods' devastating aftermath. 


Issam Ahmed and Michelle Fanzo

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Amanda Moore

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Satish Chandra from Buffalo, NY, U.S.A.

Why can't the Pakistanis take care of themselves? I am India's expert in strategic defence and the father of India's strategic program, including the Integrated Guided Missiles Development Program. I have shown in my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.', which can be found by a Google search with the title, that all terrorism and insurgencies in the Indian subcontinent and in much of the rest of the world is sponsored by the C.I.A. Both Pakistan's ISI and India's RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) function as branches of the C.I.A. and participate in terrorism and insurgencies throughout the Subcontinent, under direction of the C.I.A. Yes, the ISI secretly supports the Taliban but it does so under direction from the C.I.A. whose modus operandi is support for ALL sides of a conflict to control the course of the conflict in service of its own goals. The goal of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and partial occupation of Pakistan is eventual occupation and overt colonial rule over the Subcontinent as a whole. This will not be permitted and all those participating in this enterprise, including the U.K., will be duly punished; see my blog. The document leak currently in the news has been made in preparation for abandonment of this goal and withdrawal from Afghanistan because of steps I have already taken for the nuclear destruction of New Delhi and then the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States by India with 5,000 thermonuclear warheads and extermination of its population; see my blog. It also shows how India has been kept economically and technologically down by military means and how exterminating the United States' population will solve that problem.

Aug. 05 2010 09:37 PM

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