What to Look For as New Credit Card Rules Take Effect

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This month, the latest rules in the federal credit card overhaul come into effect. Credit card issuers, however, are already finding creative loopholes. Go check your mailbox: There's a good chance you have a letter from your credit card company or bank telling you about new rules and "improved" new features on your account. Some of those were actually mandated by Congress; others are workarounds to earn more money on new fees. 

We want to help you find out what new fees and charges consumers have to watch out for now that the credit card overhaul is taking effect. Tell us what your card company is asking you to sign up for. Or how they are pitching their new features. Send us pictures of the letters even. Or, tell us any stories for paying too much or getting overcharged by a credit card company. 


We've asked our friend Alvin Hall to help us sort through this. He's the author of "Your Money or Your Life: A Practical Guide to Managing and Improving Your Financial Life."


Alvin Hall

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It's not just fees. My Discover Over the Road card has changed my cash in rewards trigger point from $20 to $50. Thus Discover gets to hold onto my rewards 2 1/2 times longer.

Aug. 04 2010 09:13 AM

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