New Recommendation: Allow Kids with Head Lice in School

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics is releasing a new clinical report suggesting that parents let their head lice infested children stay in school.

Dr. Cindy Devore is co-author of the report, as well as a pediatrician and chair-elect of the Council on School Health for the American Academy of Pediatrics. She explains how she and the report's co-author, Dr. Barbara Frankowski, came up with their recommendations, and responds to those who are still skeptical. Dr. Devore says that lice aren't as contagious as we are led to believe, and that staying in school is important to a child's well-being.


Dr. Cindy Devore

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My daughter never had lice until she went to kindergarten. We would treat her and she would return to school and in a month she had it again. Kids hug each other, share lockers where coats are kept, and lice can easily be spread this way. Daycares have a zero tollerance policy for lice and their nits (eggs). If a child at daycare has even one nit they have to return home and cannot return for a minimum of 24 hours and they have to be rechecked by the daycare staff to ensure they are lice and nit free before the parents are allowed to leave them there. How is it that schools can be less strict on health policies than daycares. It's state law to send children to school so the state should be liable to protect children against such health issues. By the time the school finally got rid of the lice, my poor daughters head had scabs and sores from the chemical treatments she had to endure after having lice so often. The school tried to say my daughter could have gotten lice anywhere, and tried to say I should clean my house better cause I may not be getting rid of the lice each time. But I must point out that no one else in the house got lice. I have called the school board, and the state health department and nobody will even consider making kids with lice stay at home. If anyone has any ideas on who else may be able to do something about this issue please post.

Mar. 02 2011 11:47 PM
motherof5 from Buckhead- Atl, GA

My kids have gotten lice 3 times in the past 18 months. I can not believe that they think it is ok to let lice spread so rampantly in schools by letting kids go back to class with the nits. I had to call a professional service to even get rid of my kid's lice infestation. I used Lice Ladies Atlanta and the infestation was finaly gone. But now what if because of this law, they just keep getting re-exposed everyday? I'm not happy about this.

Oct. 10 2010 11:40 PM
Terilyn from Arkansas

Our rural school has infestations every year, same kids over and over again. They miss a lot of school, and I know it is embarassing and hard on them...but I would not allow my child to attend a school that allowed lice/nit infested children to attend. They are passed to other kids in the school, and to say they are not is a downright lie and a feable attempt to minimize a horrid situation. I'll homeschool mine and keep them out of the public system if this rule is adopted by our school.

Jul. 27 2010 08:57 AM

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