Listeners Respond: Firing Shirley Sherrod

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yesterday we spoke with Shirley Sherrod about her forced resignation from the USDA after an edited online video suggested she had withheld aid to a white farmer because he was white. Many listeners commented on the role of the media in this incident and the current state of the race discussion in the U.S., while a few said she deserved to be fired.

Mike from Denver writes on The Takeaway website:

"I'm concerned that this is becoming a new trend of retaliatory racism, where ultra-right wing conservatives in the media take snippets out of context that result in people wrongly losing their jobs."

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Micheal Grant from dallas tx

That was a cut and paste hatchet job, but more importantly there are some insiders that provided the tape that was cut and paste. Moles inside the NAACP have strong ties to the ultra right.

Jul. 23 2010 12:06 PM
Old Quote from Way South

This appears like another case of trying to be politically correct, there is a frenzy for zero tolerance for any discussion or debate about what has happened. There is instead, just a rush to judgment to appear politically correct with a zero tolerance, but that may not be applied equally at the USDA.
The Duke soccer players suffered a similar fate, but that took a much longer time to sort out.
And still, the ongoing debate is about how one side or the other is trying to undermine the first. There is little discussion of how and why people are such a rush to set things right or punish those wrong, before finding out what went on.
The college professor Gates and cops that questioned him, followed up by remarks from other quarters is another example. I've been questioned in my own house in the same fashion reported by the media that Dr.Gates was questioned, and I had called the cops myself. There was a prowler in the yard, he got away over the fence.

Jul. 22 2010 11:37 PM
Gary Winn from Newtown, Connecticut

Let's get real: This isn't a back-and-forth debate where one side accuses the other of 'racism'. This was a well-calculated ploy by the right to deliberately distort a story to push the propaganda line (again) that 'black Obama government is punishing white people'. Designed to win the November elections, it simultaneously undermines the fundamental sense of fairness which Americans hold dear. The right will destroy the country to win power and preserve White power here.

Jul. 22 2010 08:24 AM

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