What the Transportation Bill Really Means

Oregon Rep. DeFazio explains how the massive transportation reauthorization bill could change the way we commute and travel

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Forget the fight over fuel efficiency standards. An even more controversial measure is on the horizon — the transportation reauthorization bill. It only comes up for debate every six years and could transform the way we commute and travel. Here to explain the behemoth transportation bill is Congressman Peter DeFazio, a Democrat from Eugene, Oregon.

For more on the transportation debate taking place across the country, listen to Miles O'Brien's interview, Traffic Jam: How to Reduce Congestion, on The Takeaway. Also, hear the lively debate on the fuel standards, California, Here We Come: New Fuel Standards.
"We’ve really been living off the legacy of the Eisenhower era ... And we haven’t even done a very good job of taking care of that legacy."
—Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio on transportation reform


Rep. Peter DeFazio

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Andrea Bernstein

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