Word of Mouth, Word of Myth: Reporting Fort Hood

Friday, November 13, 2009

In the heat of a breaking story, news media frequently run details which later turn out to be incorrect. One case in point: it's recently come out that it wasn’t actually civilian police officer Kimberly Munley who shot down Hasan, as initially reported, but rather another officer, Sgt. Mark Todd. What else that's come from Fort Hood has been corrected since last week? To discuss and update the reporting thus far, we are joined by Campbell Robertson from our partner The New York Times, who has been reporting in Killeen, Tex. We also have Dave Cullen, author of "Columbine," about the Columbine High School massacre.


Dave Cullen and Campbell Robertson

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Peggy Jarvis

If a Christian murders 13 people the fact that he was a Christian is said not to matter, so why do the fact the shooter was Muslim matters.

Nov. 14 2009 11:46 AM

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