The Death of the Dollar

Brazil, Russia, India and China are considering replacing the dollar as the basic global currency

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brazil, Russia, India and China sometimes referred to as the BRIC group, meet today to work out how to exert more control over the global financial system. On their agenda is how to create a new currency that could replace the U.S. dollar. Clifford Levy, New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief, joins the Takeaway to talk about this plan and what it will mean for the American economy.


Clifford J. Levy

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Femi Oke

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david bion

the gov is doing everything they could to crash the dollar. they are spending tax payer dollars faster then they can be printed!no country wants our t-bills or bonds anymore. there is nothing backing up the dollar but thin air.why would they want the dollar to crash ,they need countrys to buy our debt and they no longer want the (just ink on a paper) dollar!

Aug. 02 2009 09:46 AM

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