Remembering Mary Travers

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Terrance McKnight, host of Evening Music on WNYC, explores the musical legacy of Mary Travers. Mary is best known for her work with the legendary folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary. She died of leukemia yesterday at the age of 72.

Here's Mary singing with Peter and Paul on the folk classic, "Blowin' in the Wind":

You know, the only group ... that I can think of in recent memory that had as much earnestness about social justice and politics as Peter, Paul and Mary, was Fugazi. A punk band from Washington D.C., known to a lot of people in an underground way, and they're not even playing any more... I don't know that there's a band around today that uses music in an earnest way, as Peter, Paul and Mary did.
--Todd Zwillich


Terrance McKnight

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Todd Zwillich


Noel King and Hsi-Chang Lin

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