Reimagining American Education

Monday, September 07, 2009

At the end of last month, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan formally announced his plan to spend $3.5 billion dollars to radically change the nation’s worst-performing schools. As part of our look at back-to-school challenges, we talk to someone who is reimagining American education. Steve Barr is the founder of California-based Green Dot Public Schools, which has developed a reputation for making radical changes in large public schools in Southern California with lightning speed.

Steve Barr and Green Dot Public Schools took over ownership of Locke Senior High School in Los Angeles and changed it radically.

"We made the school safe, we pushed the gangs off the campus who used to own the campus to one block off. We found out, like we have in most neighborhoods that we serve, gang members don't want their kids to be gang members so they want the schools to work."
—Steve Barr, is the founder of California-based Green Dot Public Schools about radically changing Locke Senior High School


Steve Barr


Mary Harris

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Garry G

Enjoyed the interview-- and grateful for connection to Steve Barr's's good stuff!

My two cents are-- shouldn't 'radical' include or even be based primarily on things NOT inside the school system (public, private/charter, et al) -- and focused on personal Learning Systems beyond schools?

What are the most radical visions of learning not just schools. (Like building better buggy whip, we might have reached performance limits of school model, and need to move to empowering all individuals, not just K-12 graders, around teaching them how to learn)

Would love to have you feature guests working outside of schools - on personal learning systems (aka Education / Learning 2.0 startups)...
Radical seems to me, rethinking notion of learning, not just schools.

Sep. 07 2009 11:06 AM

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