Reflecting on Robert Novak

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long-time Washington reporter, columnist and political pundit Robert Novak died yesterday after losing a battle to brain cancer.  His five-decade-long career as a journalist and man-about-town may be forever tarnished by his involvement in the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity in 2003. Joining us to discuss Robert Novak's illustrious career and dubious legacy is Michael Calderone, media reporter for Politico, and Albert Hunt, a friend of Mr. Novak's and the executive Washington editor of Bloomberg News.

For more, read Michael Calderone's article, CNN remembers Novak, at

Here's CNN's look at the life and legacy of Robert Novak:


Michael Calderone and Albert Hunt

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Amy Holmes and Lynn Sherr


Hsi-Chang Lin

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