Push to Fill Kennedy Seat in Massachusetts

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said yesterday that the state will hold a special election in January to determine who will replace Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate. But Patrick also said he'd push to see Kennedy's seat filled in the interim. We talk to Frank Phillips, State House bureau chief for the Boston Globe.


Frank Phillips


Mark Garrison

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Bob Gardner

This is the problem. If you can change the rules once the process is underway, where do you stop?
Let's say that for whatever reason, the legislature likes the person who got the interim appointment, and doesn't like the frontrunner in the special election. Is there anything to prevent the legislature from cancelling the special election and declaring that the interim Senator can continue serving until Senator Kennedy's term is up?
At some point it must be illegal to manipulate the process of filling the vacancy. I would argue that once the vacancy has occured, it is already too late to change the rules.

Sep. 01 2009 04:13 PM

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