Mad About "Mad Men"

AMC's series begins again Sunday

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Sunday, AMC kicks off the third season of its runaway hit, Mad Men. Set in 1960’s New York City, the show celebrates the world-weary cool of the Madison Avenue advertising world. It also portrays an America in transition, having passed through the doldrums of the Eisenhower era and not yet ready for the free lovin’ Woodstock nation. For a look at what this year’s Mad Men brings to the small screen, we are joined by Eric Deggans. He is the television and media critic for the St. Petersburg Times. And to gauge if Mad Men gets the advertising world right, we are joined by Cindy Gallop. She is an advertising consultant and former chairman of the advertising agency BBH.

Courtesy of AMC TV, here's the finale of season 2:


Eric Deggans and Cindy Gallop

Hosted by:

Katherine Lanpher

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Dana Franchitto

Are you serious? should a "public" radio program really be pushing this crass commercial crap?!I remind you that when you first aired on our local affiliate, I came to your defense. But now I am saddened by your constant shilling for the Pentagon and big business. Instead of promoting a big money TV show why not expose an independent filmaker or documentarian with someting important to say on a crucial issue? Isn't that the point of public radio?
You shouldn't call yourselves "The Takeaway" A more accurate name would be "The Tacky Way".

Aug. 14 2009 12:05 PM

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