Coming Out Before Your Teens

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nick Weaver revealed to his mom that he was gay when he was 12 years old. Now he is 15 and lives in Tulsa, Okla. Both he and his mom, Pam Anderson, talk with us about the challenges pre-teens face when coming out of the closet. We also speak to Benoit Denizet-Lewis, who wrote a cover story in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine about a growing trend among young gay men and women: coming out earlier in life.


Pam Anderson, Benoit Denizet-Lewis and Nick Weaver


David J Fazekas

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I really wish that I could have came out to my family at an early age. As a black male, homosexuality is a cultural no-no and can being great shame and emotional pain. I chose to hide my sexuality and conform. I became much more masculine and even convinced myself that ibwas not gay. I entered into many relationships with women and fathered a child. Over the past four years, I have learned to accept my homosexuality and am in a monogamous relationship with a man I truly love. I have yet to come out to friends and family due to fears if persecutionand judgement. It has strained my relationship and is a constant battle to balance it all. I am 31 years old and have achieved a level of success that many only dream of. I am financially independent but so frightened of coming out. I'm sure I will be forced into it eventually but until the black community can change it's perceptions in homosexuality, I feel forced to hide behind it all.

Sep. 28 2009 11:40 AM

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