The Curious Case of Republican Scott Brown and a Key Crossover Vote on Financial Reform

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just months ago, Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) rode to office in a pickup truck powered by Tea Party support for his promise to be the 41st vote against health care reform. Now he's siding with Democrats on financial reform, the president's next big legislative priority. He has extracted concessions for his position, but that's not the reason he's crossing party lines. He's part of a rare breed these days: moderate Northeast Republicans. "41" is no longer the most important number for Scott Brown; it's "2012," when he faces re-election.

Todd Zwillich, Takeaway Washington correspondent says Brown needs Democrats as much as they need his vote, and in the end it means President Obama gets a big legislative victory. 


Todd Zwillich

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John DeSotle from South Shore

When you came on the scene I watched and remained reserved. As the months rolled on I actually became excited that we had a real man running for office, one who would not let the power and scum bags in washington seduce him. My daughter, who has yet to vote in her life time because she believes there is not ONE person worthy in all of politics, laughed at me. "How can you be fooled into believing in this guy" "He is no different, watch". Sadly she gets the last laugh and Scott Brown has gotten my last vote as I have to agree" There is NOT ONE worthy of my vote again. Swim with the scum, Scott, I hope it was worth it.

Jul. 22 2010 06:42 AM
Ron Barnes from Sacramento, CA

Tom Sullivan said this today "While legislators debate the impact of financial reform, many are overlooking a new regulation buried in the House bill. The new law will create an “Office of Minority and Women Inclusion”, which would ensure that regulators hire and contract with enough female- and minority-owned businesses. In other words, fulfill quotas. But what does that have to do with financial reform?

I wonder if Brown realizes that many people will lose their jobs to women and minorities if this passes.

Jul. 13 2010 06:43 PM
Roxanne Goslee from Arkansas

Is there no one in this whole country running for office anymore who won't trade the welfare of the whole country for their one measley job? And why does the country vote for these traitors? What a despicable man! What a lying sack of excrement.

Jul. 13 2010 06:05 PM
Fred Burgett

Scotty just got into bed with Barney Frank.

Jul. 13 2010 05:56 PM
judy montgomery from Texas

I can't think of enough words to let Scott Brown know how most of us who supported him feel about him now. You have heard of "bearing FLASE WITNESS? In my opinion, he is nothing but another liberal in disguise and should be ashamed of the lies he told when he needed the Tea Party support. He will pay in the end and the Tea Party will make sure he does!!!

Jul. 13 2010 05:01 PM
dustoff510 from Massachusetts

Those of us in MA who worked for and voted for Scott Brown did so because we thought that he had integrity. Sadly, the number 41 is now equal to ZERO,

Jul. 13 2010 04:08 PM
Tim Austin from Lawton, OK

I would like to know if you have read the financial reform bill? If not, how could you even think of voting for it?

Jul. 13 2010 02:55 PM

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