Positive affirmations help improve some students test scores

Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting a little positive reinforcement from the watchful eye of a good teacher can make a big difference in the educational life of a young child, especially for a kid that’s struggling in school. Now a new study published in the journal Science, shows that encouraging young black children to write about their own value systems can make a big and lasting effect on their future success. Oh my, Oprah had it right! But, according to this study, that finding only holds true for minority students, not white students. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, a co-principle investigator in the two-year study and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Columbia University joins the The Takeaway to talk about her study.


Valerie Purdie-Vaughns


Mary Harris and Jen Poyant

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Positive Thinking Expert

I love to see people realizing the true power of positive affirmations, with the right tools to help you along the way there is no end to the things you will create in your life.

Jan. 06 2010 11:33 PM
Johnnie Thayer

It was great to hear this - this is different from the affirmations we all hear about because you create your own positive images/messages, which is what makes them meaningful. I had just read an interview in the Middle School Eduguide with Richard Schalter, the president of Spartan Chassis. He had his kids create their own "brands" - ideas and concepts that they associated with themselves and wanted others to associate with them. Great ideas to help our kids think about how what they do and say reflects to the outside world!

Apr. 17 2009 10:22 AM
Kyle Church Cheseborough

I know a special education teacher who would love to apply Dr. Purdie-Vaughans theory to his population of students in the South Bronx. This was a great segment!

Apr. 17 2009 06:43 AM

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