The plight of the U.S. automaker back on Capitol Hill

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"The best way to get them to change the way they do business is have them go into bankruptcy."
--Alex Taylor on U.S. auto makers


Alex Taylor and Todd Zwillich


Jesse Baker

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Julie Brittenham Wagne

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Julie Brittenham Wagner

Jan. 14 2009 10:27 AM

It is also outrageous that people vilify the workers for having good salaries and benefits, hard won by negotiations by the unions they fought for. Given the clearly overbalanced power of the employers--those guys taking the appalling golden parachutes and private jets--why *shouldn't* these workers get together and try to match their power? They postponed raises (and worked tons of overtime for their good salaries) to get retirement benefits.

Instead of faulting them for uniionizing--or rather, for their unions' success--*others* should be getting together to raise their *own* benefit levels, and to try to balance out the power of their *own* greedy, condescending, appallingly incompetent and spoiled employers.

Hasn't the point of working hard in the US been to *raise* our standard of living? And if trying to "compete" under corporate robbers hasn't worked for you, how about trying something different? Like unionizing.

Nov. 20 2008 09:06 AM
Mike D

Why should any bail out of the U.S. auto industry NOT be funded by a substantial windfall profits tax on big oil?
Arguably, these are the most co-dependent of elements of our economy - with a case to be made that oil continues to enjoy record profits at the expense of Detroit; and that big oil has a fundamental interest in a strong Big 3. The taxpayers should not be suckered into once again subsidizing the petroleum industry.

The sorry performance on Capitol Hill by auto executives to make a case for taxpayer-funded bailouts can only point to their welcoming of bankruptcy as merely an end-run around their labor contracts.

Congress should call their bluff- bail them out with OPM - Big Oil's.

Nov. 19 2008 06:18 PM
Kate Pfordresher

I find it outrageous how many people vilify autoworkers for the mistakes their employer, GM and the other Big Three automakers, have made -- like the nasty comment you aired from my fellow listener in New Jersey this morning.

Autoworkers are employees. They pay taxes. It is outrageous to me that so many people side with bank owners and the Chamber of Commerce in the debate over how to pull the US economy out of recession. It is the financial industry leaders that created the mess. We have to contribute to bailing them out, but not at the expense of middle class workers and families. Wake up folks.

Nov. 19 2008 07:43 AM

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