The Brave New World of Male Contraception

Sex and pregnancy: Will a shot of testosterone give men a way to be in charge of family planning?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


New scientific research from China’s National Institute of Family Planning indicates that researchers are one step closer to a form of contraception for men. The shot could be as effective at preventing pregnancies as the female pill or condoms. The monthly testosterone injection works by temporarily blocking sperm production and could revolutionize birth control. But will women trust men to use it?

We’re taking a look at the science and the social implications of this shot with Dr. John Herr, a professor at the University of Virginia. He’s director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Research in Contraceptive and Reproductive Health. We’re also joined by Susie Bright, author of The Sexual State of the Union and the host of In Bed with Susie Bright on


Susie Bright and Dr. John Herr

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Farai Chideya


Noel King

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Songu Tusauo

I do not agree with this method and other method about this. I think that it is possible the natural control or use condom or famale condon. But the control with shoot, famele pill and siragy, I not agree.
Songu Tusauo

May. 06 2009 10:31 AM

You didn't mention possible side effects of exogenous testosterone. What is the risk of increased male agression?

May. 06 2009 10:28 AM
Leon Freilich

A monthly contra-shot

Sounds absolutely fair

Just as long as I

Get it on Medicare.

May. 06 2009 09:08 AM

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