Sarah Palin: Former Governor, About-To-Be-Author

Friday, July 24, 2009

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin officially hands over power to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell on Sunday. What’s next for her and what is her legacy as Alaska's former governor? (One thing we do know: her autobiography is scheduled to come out next spring from Harper Collins.) Joining The Takeaway is Libby Casey, reporter for the Alaska Public Radio Network, to talk about Palin's legacy in Alaska, and Bernadette Malone, former editor at Sentinal, an imprint of Penguin Publishers, to talk about the autobiography.


Libby Casey and Bernadette Malone

Hosted by:

Farai Chideya and Katherine Lanpher


David J Fazekas

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One would think that you the takeaway folks would be sophisticated enough to know that Christian and Evangelical Fundamentalist are not synonyms. "Christians" don't love Sarah Palin except maybe in the theological sense. Plenty of us detest her politics and are quite ready to ignore her, her book, and her promoters if you are kind enough to let us do so. If you're not, then please please please don't give the impression that all of us hang from trees hooting about right wing issues.

Jul. 24 2009 07:12 AM

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