Obama to appoint Arne Duncan schools chief

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today the president-elect is expected to name Arne Duncan, superintendent of the Chicago public school system, as secretary of education. Veronica Anderson, editor-in-chief of Catalyst Chicago, a magazine that reports on school reform, gives The Takeaway a full briefing on the new educator-in-chief.


Veronica Anderson


Nadia Zonis

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The takeaway today during the last minute of the school was a mother of a 3rd grader demanding more accountability from teachers. I agree, but as a teacher, I want more accountability from parents. They need to turn off the tv. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the Xbox and collect the cell phone. Then ask their kids about their day and their assignments and ask to see the work. I know only a few students who do their work in class or at the school. Ask to see the work - that will hold the student accountable.

Dec. 16 2008 07:54 PM

As a former early childhood educator and teacher mentor, I think the new secretary of education needs to focus attention on teacher education and training. Instead of spending millions of dollars on standardized testing, we need to go back to motivating children to learn with hands on, active learning opportunities. Even the teaching professionals who are well versed in engaging, dynamic, child centered education are now forced to meet standards that are not developmentally appropriate and don't allow children to get INVOLVED in their own learning because they are being evaluated based on test scores alone.

Dec. 16 2008 08:30 AM

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