The non-white, non-male presidents of television and film

Friday, November 07, 2008

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Leon Wynter

I discussed pop culture preparing America for a black leader like Obama in my 2002 book: American Skin.
Here's a partial excerpt from page 145:

James Earl Jones's film roles track the larger trend...Jones's 1972 film "The Man" was about his struggle being the first black president of the United States. The improbability...was so central to the film that it played more like science fiction than political drama. (But) in 1990, we find Jones in "The Hunt For Red October" ...running Naval Intelligence as an Admiral and race has nothing to do with it...
For Gen-X and Gen-Y, who grew up with Jones in those roles, imagining (a white actor with more leadership credibility) is as impossible as...imagining Darth Vader speaking with some other voice than Jones's unmistakable baritone.

For more,see, under American Skin: Wha'd I Say
The first, from Wednesday, was "Barack Obama's American Skin"


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