"Nightline" feature shows the ease at which Americans can buy child slaves

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Guest: Dan Harris, ABC News

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L. Martinez

I listened to the show early today on wnyc. Mr Dan Harris is to be commended for his part in bringing this atrocity to light, but I nevertheless found it appalling when Mr Harris explained how he bought an 11 year old girl. and when he finally saw her, he said that the girl was so "beautiful" that it was really a pity. I really notice that the point that people tend to make (no matter how well meant it is), is that it is especially horrable that it happens to people who fit the definition of "good looking."Especially regarding females. I have so often heard of crimes against women and someone will comment that it should not happen to such a "lovely" or "pretty" girl.

If the girl had cleft palate and club foot and Elephant Man's disease, would it have been less pityful? Less of an atrocity? We all have to realize how we ourselves can be part of the problem without realizing it.WOmen should not be considered victims only when they are thought to be "beautiful." It may be part of the reason why the trafficing of young boys is not given as much attention. We are talking about children and/or other kinds of helpless people. To put a face of "femininity" on the problem makes it only an injustice according to a superficial precepts.In other words 'if it happens to someone 'ugly' it does not matter that much.'

Jul. 08 2008 09:51 AM

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