The Next Y2K? Switching from analog to digital TV

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last night, the Senate voted to delay the nationwide transition from analog to digital television, opting to push it back from February 17th until June 12th. But reporter Tekla Perry says timing is not the issue: technology is. Perry, a senior editor at the trade publication "IEEE Spectrum," explains that it'll take millions of Americans more than a delay, a government coupon, and $40 box to give their TV a digital upgrade. She joins the show to offer advice on how to make the transition without missing Sweeps week.

For more, read IEEE Spectrum's blog posts Will A Delayed Analog TV Shutdown Fix the Transition? Not Likely and CES 2009: Analog TV Shutdown: Get on with it already!


Tekla S. Perry

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Katherine Lanpher


Molly Webster

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Otis Sullivan

Just one more example of your Congress giving away your rights to the Corporations! The airwaves belong to the public! Now you must pay the Cable Companies $100 a month for TV! WHAT A MASSIVE GIVE AWAY OF $$$$ TO THE CABEL COMPANIES.
The problem with our economy is not on WALL STREET.
The problem is in WASHINGTON DC!

Jan. 27 2009 11:07 AM
Albert Kaufman

In December I bought 2 Access 1050 boxes, with coupons, from the same stack. One worked perfectly, the other received 20 fewer channels including some major networks. I called Access and they sent a 1080 as a replacement and a pre-paid label for shipping the poor unit via DHL ground. But the 1080 received only ONE channel. I tried to send the bad units back via DHL, but was told that financially troubled DHL was no longer accepting ground shipments. I tried calling AccessHD, but the phone was constantly busy, and, as there was a 7 day limit on the return, I sent the units by USPS express mail with a letter explaining the problem and asking for a refund of my total cost, including the $40 coupon since I had used all my coupons and could no longer trust their products. I received an email saying that they could not refund my money since I had not purchased the unit from them. I replied that THEY now had the unit I purchased. That was a week ago - I have yet to get a response.

Jan. 27 2009 10:19 AM

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