New Unemployment Numbers Coming Out

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its monthly unemployment numbers this morning. To tell us what the numbers mean, we’ve got University of Maryland economist and business professor Peter Morici. We’ll also talk with those whose jobs and businesses are represented in these numbers. Michael Powell, the president and founder of Powell’s Books in Portland, Ore., joins us to tell us how his business is making it through the recession. We also speak with Sandy Cole, an unemployed office manager who lives in St. Joseph, Mich., and is currently looking for work.


Sandy Cole, Peter Morici and Michael Powell

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Abbie Fentress Swanson

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Since Mr. Morici is so obviously partisan against the current administration there should be more balance in these reports. There is another side in the economic figures, i.e. as bad as the employment rate is the economy is losing jobs at a slower rate than previously. Either have another economist on at the same time to provide this balance (and with less bombast) then Mr. Morici or provide this with your own questions.

Oct. 03 2009 10:39 AM

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