Newt Gingrich on President's Use of 'War'

Friday, January 08, 2010

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich returns to talk with us, this time on President Obama's Thursday speech on recent security failures and the significance he sees in the use of the word "war."


Newt Gingrich

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From the New York Times - January 8, 2010:

"'We are at war,' Mr. Obama said in remarks from the White House State Dining Room."

Jan. 08 2010 05:32 PM

This is nonsense. We're not at war and everyone knows it. A war is a state of formal hostilities between states. Congress declares it. Repeat after me: "We are not at war."

You don't get to run around redefining words to scare people, Newt.

Jan. 08 2010 10:38 AM

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