New Estimate Says H1N1 Could Kill 90,000

Panel says "Swine Flu" has deadly potential

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A panel convened by President Obama to study the H1N1 flu, or "swine flu," presented a report Monday with a "plausible scenario" in which as many as 90,000 people could die of the flu this fall.  To help understand this prediction, we're joined by Dr. Richard Wenzel, chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University and former President of the International Society for Infectious Diseases.


Dr Richard Wenzel

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Femi Oke

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Is this number figuring in the fact that a shortage of the vaccine means a lot of people will never get anywhere near one?

(On another note...why is it that almost every year we hear that there's a shortage of flu vaccines? Does nobody learn?)

Aug. 25 2009 11:24 AM

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