Multiple Deployments' Toll on Military Families

Monday, November 09, 2009

The stress of multiple deployments is taking its toll on many military families. In the aftermath of the shootings at Fort Hood, where hundreds of children live, and as we approach Veterans Day later this week, we look at the stress military families live with every day. Lucianne Buch's husband recently retired from the Army after three deployments; her 11-year-old stepson began showing the effects of stress on the day his father was first deployed.  She says multiple deployments are trying on her family and many others at Fort Polk, Louisiana. New York Times Motherlode writer Lisa Belkin also joins us, along with Angela Huebner, a professor of Human Development in the Child and Family program at Virginia Tech, who says that this kind of stress is resting heavily on military families across the country.


Lucianne Buch and Angela Huebner


Jen Poyant

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What a price to pay for a community college education, huh?

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