Mortality and Morality: The Remains of Michael Jackson

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson will be buried this morning at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles. The cemetery is a famous resting spot, but Jackson apparently wanted to be buried at his beloved Neverland Ranch. Joining The Takeaway to discuss whether we should defer to the dead when it comes to disposing of their mortal remains is Randy Cohen, The Ethicist for The New York Times Magazine and author of the Moral of the Story Blog.

For more, read Randy Cohen's blog entry, Michael Jackson’s Body, in The New York Times.

"The physical presence of the dead is very, very meaningful for the living simply to grasp the idea that death has occurred."
— New York Times Magazine columnist Randy Cohen


Randy Cohen

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Todd Zwillich

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For the record. I'm not a M. Jackson In defense of this poor soul I know he was accused of being a molester of children. Look at the facts. Mcauley Cauken said nothing like this ever happened.The Jury said innocent and the people who accused him was looking for big money. Growing up in Philly back in the 40s there were men who I call mentors would take us over night and at times over the weekend. They never pulled anything of this nature and were never suspected of doing so. Yes I remember the fun with these older guys. It's called reliving your childhood. I took in kids for the night for this reason. It made me a kid again.Look at the whole picture. The full story doesn't add up and it never will. Wouldn't there have been many other claims because real molesters can't stop. No my friends this man never did these things. It's was a witch hunt. Go home now. You sent a great man to his grave feeling terrible of what you said of him. Hang your heads in shame.

Jul. 08 2009 01:05 PM

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