More Moms Drinking and Driving

Monday, August 24, 2009

For our family segment, we take a look at a recent government report that shows a 30 percent increase in the number of women arrested for drinking and driving in the past ten years. This report comes out amidst a vigorous discussion in the blogosphere about mothers who drink. Are mothers more stressed out than they used to be, or has the feminist movement made it more socially acceptable to drink than a couple of generations ago?

To discuss this we speak to Lisa Belkin, writer of the New York Times' MotherLode blog; and Tara Trower, assistant features editor at the Austin American Statesman and writer for the Statesman's Mama Drama blog.


Lisa Belkin and Tara Trower

Hosted by:

Femi Oke


Jen Poyant

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Seems the panel should check their facts before shooting off their mouths. The reference to Dean Martin and his characterization of himself as a booze hound was just that, a character. That wasn't whiskey, it was apple juice. Also, stating the "it (drinking) didn't do him any good" impling that drinking effected Dean's health......he live to be 78!!

Aug. 24 2009 10:29 AM

I really enjoy your show, but I found this piece to be so off & seemingly self-indulgent of the 5 people in the studio that I had to turn the radio off. An increase in drunk driving arrests of women is certainly noteworthy, & worth a story. However, tying the tragedy on the Taconic to Sex in the City is preposterous. A (probably severly mentally disturbed) woman slugging vodka while driving has little parallel to the increased popularity of the Cosmo. There was an underlying implication in your story that mothers fall into a category of social responsibility above & beyond that of other women &, dare I say, fathers, or men? The lack of discussion about how this statistic falls in relation to statistics on men, & society overall, & the continued attempt to link this general statistic about women to some foreboding warning about a rise in irresponsible mothering coming from what happened on the Taconic made this piece seem frilly and a bit misogynistic.

Aug. 24 2009 08:31 AM

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