Michelle Obama's Genealogy Revealed

Thursday, October 08, 2009

How far back in your family tree can you go? Most people draw blanks if asked to go farther back than their great-grandparents. Our two guests, Rachel Swarns, Washington correspondent for The New York Times, and Megan Smolenyak, a genealogist, were able to discover details about Michelle Obama's ancestry that even the first lady didn't know.

For more, read Rachel Swarns' and Jodi Kantor's article, "In First Lady’s Roots, a Complex Path From Slavery," in The New York Times.


Megan Smolenyak and Rachel Swarns


David J Fazekas

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lol from kksinns

omg this web is sweeeeettttttt

Mar. 11 2010 11:11 AM

Linked your story in today's blog post, and thought I'd let you know.


Oct. 09 2009 12:58 AM

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